Just a few of the branches we serve.


Over the past decade, a major industry has been served, namely the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, which have a variety of needs. As there are web applications and designs for upcoming products, very often tied up in a narrow corset of regulatory rules to take into account.

Consequently, we developed a deeper understanding of what is going on in the minds of responsible staff members and, yes, a good portion of willingness when it comes to complex work processes. In return, we enjoy a lot the professional approach of our biotech customers.

We have almost 10 years working experience as part of the main creative heads* behind Mercedes-Benz Berlin’s daily marketing business and corporate design direction. As a result, we are well prepared for full service in this highly competitive and challenging industry.

Not only, this regards advertising campaigns on a regular basis, from the concepts to the designs and organization. It, finally, concludes in web programming and print post production. Discover more details on our dedicated Mercedes-Benz Berlin microsite.


Fashion & Beauty

Collaborations for considerable fashion clients during the years in Italy sharpened our view for this branch. Among them services for Vogue’s art director legend Luca Stoppini. Indeed, Italy’s fashion business is considered the most powerful and creative when it comes to branding and, thus, it taught us lessons that we’ll never forget.

Last but not least, our own magazine creative directions, among them some decorated ones, as well as consultancies for international fashion editorial projects round up the picture.

“From Luca I learned to always do things that have a certaincattiveria’ (bite).
Not always this is doable in a real world marketing – like you could do it in a fashion magazine – but I always keep that in mind during my work.”

Stefan Seifert about Luca Stoppini (ex Vogue Italia)

The changes in many areas of the global economy triggered by external events, as well as the increasing focus on digitalization, have brought a boom to the IT industry in recent years. An industry that was originally purely technical and rather hidden from view opened up more and more to visual marketing communication.

We develop communication strategies and create communication tools that, on the one hand, create attractiveness and transparency for their customers and, on the other hand, support its newly gained self-image.



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