01. What Is Your DNA?

Helping your business survive in markets that have become digital is our first goal. Consequently, before we start to design your corporate communications’ means we search for the right language to use. This is crucial and we base it on something that we like to call the “DNA” of your brand.*

It is our conviction that surprisingly businesses all over the world can be divided into three different archetypes which we name as: Mothers, Engineers or Visionaries. So, in a first step, we bring on members from different parts of your company to understand what is (truly) yours.

Start by asking yourself the right questions.

Measure 1

Measure 2

Measure 3

Measure 4

03. Measuring Your Business Portfolio.

Are you aware of the fact that not all of your products or services might have the same level of significance for your business? First, we analyze the status quo and then bring together responsible persons. Together we decide which parts of your portfolio are promising success and what are the parts better to neglect.*

Plus, we help you see where your business is positioned exactly in confrontation with others who share the same markets. According to the golden rule: differentiate or fail.

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