A small design agency that believes in the power of great ideas.

To the Overview

The base where to start from for every business is a unique, passionate and serious overall design. That’s more than a logotype. Indeed, it gathers various aspects of a vast field of marketing material, printed as well as online. Since if you want your clients to feel proud of using your products or taking up your services you have to be proud of them yourself. We from SeifertAlbers founded the Elementi design agency to help you with that. We’ll bring in years of experiences in many business fields. At the end, we feel as true artists and we love what we are doing.


Important clients as well as collaborations for some of the major agencies of the advertising business as Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson and others truly make the core of our design experiences. Furthermore, Stefan Seifert’s years in Italy have enriched our insights into fashion marketing and editorial design. However, many smaller clients belong to our portfolio, too, and we are really proud of some of the works that we have done and keep on doing for them. Find here some of our example projects or simply sign up below to get our latest news.

Curadigm Web Designs
Curadigm Official Branding
Pharmaengine App Design
Nanomedicine Bibliography
ActInSarc Webapp Design
Albatros Logotype Design
Fendi Design Competition
Mercedes-Benz Microsite

Yes, we are communication design artists from head to toe. Due to that we love to show off with our renowned clients. Rather more as for the pure pleasure of it because we simply want to share those exiting work experiences with you. Hence don’t be shy, do not hesitate even if your project seems to be ‘small’: get in contact with us! We’d love to take care of your business and brand with exactly the same passion and we’ll definiteley put our hearts into it just as we do all the time!