The Pharmaengine App.

01. The Challenge.

Would this become the ultimate test to either break us since something to go beyond our possibilities or would it bring us to the next level of online services’ design? Surely, this was going on in our heads when we were called by Pharmaengine, one of Asian biggest market players in biotechnology, to do their Chinese language webapp.

02. The UX Principles.

Quite soon the scientifically well separated pages turned out to have in themselves little SEO relevant content in terms of text length and information density. Thus, our first decision was to gather contents from a different perspective and wrap them up in a whole new concept. Dividing less pages into sections is the key for better user experience.

Pharmaengine Website
03. The Typography.
04. The Pharmaengine Guides.

So, yes, we did it! And we are particularly proud of having covered from end to end this also organizational enormous effort together with French and Chinese Pharmaengine crews. Speaking about organization: doing such a project it is of vital importance during all stages of development to hand out to the teams easily traceable documentations.

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