The Curadigm Web Designs.

The Curadigm Online Presence.

When the Curadigm biotech spin-off had to be integrated into its mother’s corporate design we were engaged to find the right compromise between the new design guides and our already established particular Curadigm style. Further we were asked to re-design the complete web presence.

What we had in mind was a design which reflects the adventurous spirit of these sophisticated nanomedicine technologies operating in the heart of the cells. We want to guide the user though this universe on nanoscale with a several level scrolling page displaying the stages of this revolutionary product’s mode of work.

The Scenes.

In addition, our contract previews the regular creation of key visuals to transport the client’s message also on multiple social channels. We arrange the photographic composings based on components by German photographer Uwe Reicherter. He has been working for cinema and we love to see his scenic views as backgrounds.

The Curadigm imagery and colors combine scientific illustration needs with an invitation for the user to dive into these nanophysics worlds. A dark blue almost black background atmosphere gives contrast to the light blue corporate color. The depth of the webpage is obtained by various blurred background levels overlaying each other and moving separately.

RNA and Curadigm Nanoprimer News Visual


The Curadigm typography combines fluid responsiveness with elegant vertical centered fullscreen sections guiding the user through the story of the enterprise. Several web typefaces were created to optimize the reading experience on dark backgrounds. Typefaces adapt themselves in size and weight depending on the devices’ widths and column orientation.

To bring nearer to the user the mode of action of Curadigm’s groundbreaking Nanoprimer technology we created animated diagrams that work neatly both on desktop website and mobile applications. For this purpose a combination of Javascript and CSS takes over the various situations regulating delays and animation start points. Tooltips on all elements help a deeper understanding.


Column Dependent
Diagram Animations

The Curadigm news blog combines the latest key visuals with the corporate press releases. It is search engine optimized (SEO) and offers the reader also pdf download versions through an automatised process. The online design of the articles is generously full width and combines branded imagery with soberly presented scientific facts.

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