The Nanoparticles Story.

Sometimes magic things happen when two artists meet. This was the case when I invited German photographer Uwe Reicherter to our studio in Hamburg. From the first moment on we had this silent agreement to not stop working until both of us would be fully satisfied with the result.

The idea was born to photograph nanoparticles in a way that it hasn’t been done before. Both of us were haunted by the idea to go beyond illustrative stock material or electronic microscope images. It should be artistic. It should capture the spirit of it. Make it happen to be visible for the people. And demonstrate what is their potential when used for cancer treatment.

Nanoparticles photography by Uwe Reicherter
Nanoparticles photography by Uwe Reicherter

Magazine Spread

The Light.

What intrigued us both the most certainly was the idea to use real light environments instead of constructing something artificially. So we needed something as a model. To experiment, to shoot series, to create atmosphere.

The Colors.

Particularly important seemed for both us the treatment of colors. Right from the beginning we tried to develop a homogeneous world of lights and shades. This was achieved only in part by image elaboration but mainly by setting real light environments and using filter techniques.

The Flexibility.

Once the first working templates were finished, it revealed how much incredible flexibility we gained. We combined different photographs to create new images in double exposure technique introducing also different levels of focus. This provides the possibility to demonstrate scientific and complex working methods.

Nanoparticles photography by Uwe Reicherter

Multiple Exposure Template

The Result.

As a result these photographs profit by a much wider variety and capability to be used in series. Once the model and lighting is fixed we can produce whatever perspective, detail or arrangement is needed. We enable our clients to feed their social networks in higher frequency and in a more unique way.

Uwe Reicherter Photographer

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  1. June 18, 2024

    Extraordinary artworks! Science and creativity get along so well in these photographs… the outcome is truly unbelievable.

    • June 18, 2024

      I cannot add anything to such a flattering comment, thank you so much, Benedetta!

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