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The Xphelyum Presentations.

01. The Task.

There are certainly few personalities in the world of biotechnology as charismatic as Laurent Levy, CEO of Nanobiotix and an enthusiastic researcher of nanotechnology for therapeutic solutions. When we were contacted to participate in an exciting new project, it didn’t take long before we were intrigued.


.to sense & live beyond reality

Xphelyum Digital Guides

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.r29 .g30 .b34

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.r249 .g249 .b249

02. The Branding.

In line with the mechanism of action*, the technology of this groundbreaking product idea has to be presented in an unconventional way. Instead of introducing a fixed color scheme, we let the lettering and all surrounding elements change colors fluidly.

*We are not legitimized to explain the product’s Mode of Action. To learn more, you may click here.

Xphelyum Image Bank “Matrix”

03. The Imagery.

The pool of images we have assembled serves as a matrix to define the cornerstones of this sensory experience. Dreamlike or fantastic landscapes overlap with psychological symbolism, haptic experiences with sensory enhancement. In the digital presentation, it functions as an animated navigation guide.

Fluid Color Contrast and Variable Fonts. Try here.

.device size

.h90 .s75% .l50%

.font-weight 100

04. The Effects.

Integral to the animated corporate design are the moving, sensual wave lines created by Javascript programming code. To this end, we adapted existing code snippets, such as that of Dutch programmer Bas Groothedde. In some cases, we designed them to react on scroll or interact with images or diagrams.

.aspect-ratio 390 : 845

claim .font-size 17px .font-weight 200

logo .font-size 9vw .font-weight 150


.page-width 2560px

.font-weight 100

.h256 .s75% .l50%

.waves-density 1000

.image #1 .transparency 0.77

.h256 .s75% .l50%

05. The Application.

One of the most common and potentially frustrating issues in maintaining a corporate design over time is the constant need for support for teams creating their off or online presentations. That’s why we offer our clients convenient website contracts to help them with this task and keep design standards high.

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