A Nanomedicine Bibliography.

01. The Problem.

Imagine a client coming to you and ask something like the following: “We spent years now in our business and what we do is so unique that it needs lots of explanation. We have so much material all around the world wide web containing online publications, websites, videos and a fair amount of pdf documents distributed in many different places. We need some order!”

Scientific Authors
02. The Approach.

From the start we had to consider many technical factors concerning distributing and providing access to different kinds of material by nanomedicine publishers, in first place pdf articles and scientific abstracts. As we felt they should be kept as they are, and also from a future perspective, we decided to incorporate existing web services which should make them easier shareable and even editable.

Nevertheless, we wanted to create a nanomedicine platform in a strong corporate design style. The idea was to do both: offer a high degree of flexibility and at the same add some of the best aspects of a classic modern website design. Simple backend functionality, easy navigation and finally the capability to broaden this service in the future adding components like video, audio and more.

Included Publishers

03. The Solution.

So, we committed an Italian award winning multimedia design theme for it and backed it up with a complete new technical backbone. The time we saved for our customer doing an excellent navigation for both regular and mobile devices or astonishing video presentation modes, we spent more efficiently in solving the various technical issues that arose by implementing external services in our platform.

In particular, we incorporated Google docs services that allow our customer to upload any type of document or link to it which in succession can be committed for edition to external authors and more enhanced functionality. For the widely known loading issues we invented special javascript processes which increase reliability and automatically provide preview images during loading times.

04. A Nanomedicine App.

The app serves detailed author information and provides a backend solution allowing them to collaborate separately and evolve content gradually. All documents themselves keep their full link functionality besides, of course, their download capability. Last but not least, the app has a bilingual user surface which does not involve single language content to make life easier for our customer.

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